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Steps to download and install AOL Desktop

As far as “AOL Desktop” is concerned it’s a free web suite available to any user on the internet (not just AOL / is can be used by Time Warner service subscribers or other services as well). AOL Desktop can be used as IM customer, web browser, a built-in desktop email programs or a contact manager the latest version of AOL Desktop is the tenth version of it which is available for mac OS X & windows XP, windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & AOL download for windows 10 is also available.

If you want to download AOL software these are the steps how you can check which version of AOL Desktop you have on your PC launch already installed software select the help menu and click on about, it’ll offer you all the information you required, like major and minor version (Example: The Minor version is 7 and the Major version is 9 in version “9.7”.)

Note: if version 10.1 is required you can download AOL Desktop 10.1 from this Page. 10.1 version can be installed and used on the same PC or laptop without any problems on which AOL Desktop 9.7 version is running (Although you can set up the AOL Desktop program to automatically login with the username but if you have multiple users on one PC than having two versions of AOL Desktop is the solution because in that case you can be logged in two different accounts at the same without forcing anyone to sign off.)

Actually, you’ll be downloading only launcher application, once you click on AOL Desktop download if you run the program directly that would be sufficient, there’s no need to save it: it’ll download & run the components which are required according to your operating system and based on already installed AOL software.

If you have any problems with AOL Desktop downloading you need technical support for it, you may contact AOL helpline number (+1) 844-502-0074 to help regarding AOL desktop download and AOL desktop troubleshooting.


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