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You cannot avoid viruses because sooner or later you’ll have one what’s important is that have the knowledge about viruses and how to use antiVirus protection you can take precautionary measures to protect your PC by calling Norton customer service support also, you’ll know what to do if your PC got infected with a virus.

Although the chances of getting a virus are extremely high, it’s still suggested that you are careful when surfing websites, downloading files from email or the internet and installing programs some programs may look very attractive but they can be dangerous to your PC.

There are several Antivirus software which you can download for free like McAfee, Norton etc depending on your antivirus settings, you can do a fast scan every day simply to ensure that your PC is clean from any viruses. A full scan isn’t recommended as an everyday online habit specifically if you do lots of things when online a full scan is very slow because it’ll check all the files on your PC while a fast scan will simply check the important sectors on your PC.

every day, a new virus is being introduced thus, it’s important that your antivirus software is updated so that it can detect and repair the latest virus some antivirus programs have automatic update functionality this means that every time you have web connection, your antivirus program will be updated but if yours doesn’t have that setting, then you may need to run an update regularly.

Norton developed and managed by Symantec; is extremely compatible with all the newest versions of Windows, Linux and mac OS and prevents the OS files from getting infected due to the consistent attack of malware and trojan horse in turn, the antivirus engine developed by Symantec is highly efficient in blocking the intrusion of infected websites in the computer or mobile device. For any kind of Norton antivirus related issues, you can contact Norton customer support to get rid of problematic problems in Norton antivirus resolved within a short span of time.


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