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How to Send Large Extent Email in AOL Email Account?

AOL email service is one of the great mail services which is available for its users at free of cost it’s a very unique email service which has multiple useful features for the comfort of AOL mail users this mail service provides a user friendly interaction between the user and the email service. You also get the access to send or receive emails by creating an account of this apart from good features, there’s also some issues of this email service one of its issue is that it doesn’t support the emails which contained large amount of data.

As like many other emailing services, AOL email service doesn’t enables you to send a large amount of data in your email thought about as spam or unwanted marketing, these extent emails will be used for a number of reasons for some of the mailers, extent messages are sensible and helpful, and it don’t represent what this email service considers spam. You will be joined by request to Extent Email Exception List of AOL, if you face their delivery standards AOL Contact number 1-844-502-0074 provides you the all needful information to send the large extent emails in your AOL email.

There are some instructions that you must follow to send extent emails in an email:

  • Start your web browser.
  • Visit to the official website of AOL Mail.
  • Navigate to the page of “Conditions to Extent Sender Status”.
  • Read the complete content to decide if you fit the delivery standards, and click on the given box which is situated in front of the line agreeing to the all conditions of the entire status.
  • Click on the “Accept Guidelines” and then enter your account email address on the consequent page.
  • Select “Next” choice, and then select a choice of “Confirmation” your email address.
  • And now you may have to follow the given prompts to enter your personal information and describe why you ought to get on the Extent Email Exception List.’
  • When you complete this method then submit your application and wait for 2 to 3 business days to be contacted by AOL regarding your status.

If you find any trouble while following these steps you can take help from the AOL Customer Support phone number 1-844-502-0074 and take the appropriate solutions by technical specialists at 24*7.


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