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Five most common day to day problems with QuickBooks

In day to day life today, we are more dependent on artificial intelligence as it makes things quicker and easier. Similarly, QuickBooks also have helped businesses with its smart accounting tools making business finance management more convenient. QuickBooks software comes with amazing functionality and new features with its every new version; however, even though QuickBooks offers amazing features and functionality it’s possible for its users to sometimes encounter small or big technical issues. Let’s check the most common problems with QuickBooks which are  faced by most users:

  1. Starting issue with QuickBooks:

Failing to start is one of the most frequent problems with QuickBooks.  This generally happens due to two reasons, first is improper installation of QuickBooks software on your computer or virus have damaged some of the software files on your computer. Here you need to uninstall the QuickBooks software along with it’s all components in safe mode (press F8 while starting your computer to enter safe mode). After you have completed the uninstallation procedure, you can install the QuickBooks software again ensuring that your firewall settings are not blocking the complete installation and then do not forget to run the antivirus software to remove all the virus which may be present on your computer.

  1. QuickBooks Reinstallation:

If for any reason you need to reinstall your QuickBooks software, you can use the installation CD which you get with the complete version of QuickBooks software. Installation CD helps you with the easy steps to reinstall the QuickBooks software and it also includes the steps needed for installation. In case if you have got your QuickBooks from the online portal, you do have the option to download and install the software from along with all its components. While following this reinstallation procedure, check the support documents from Intuit’s website, verify your credentials and complete the reinstallation of QuickBooks software.

  1. Error while updating files on QuickBooks:

With QuickBooks, another problem the users face is “Updating of Data File Failed” error message while editing and updating a file. In such scenarios, please ensure that the file is not corrupted. The prime reason for such issue is not proper handling of files like forceful opening or forcefully closing. The best solution for such problems is to go for file recovery or creating the file again from the one you have created previously. This may incur the loss of data which is additional trouble for any accounting purpose.  In such cases, you can go with the file backup, to ensure that any of your important accounting data is not lost.

  1. The slow speed of QuickBooks in Multiuser Mode:

This is another common problem faced by most QuickBooks users while working in a multiuser mode.  Better hard configuration is recommended to tackle such problem and I would recommend you to use higher capacity RAM and hard drive which can handle a load of multiple users using QuickBooks for important account tasks at a same time or call Quickbooks Customer Service Toll-Free Number.

  1. QuickBooks Admin Password forgot:

Forgetting QuickBooks Admin Password is normal for us; however, when it comes to QuickBooks you should handle it with care as your business data might be at risk. When you forget the QuickBooks admin password, you should reinstall the  QuickBooks software instead of checking software for breaking the admin password as the third part software might be a big threat to your business data.

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