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AOL Customer Support 1844-502-0074 Technical Support Number

How to delete multiple emails from AOL email accounts?

AOL email users are very fond of their account and they spend many hours sending and receiving mail through that AOL emails have several features in built in it to aid it user for even the simplest task like deleting emails. However several user faces difficulties with even deleting multiple mails from their account because of that they get furious and start dialing toll-free number 1-844-502-0074 of AOL customer support for help for these problems. What they don’t know, that it’s very simple to do that, however If they still feel to contact AOL technical support number they can do that or they follow the steps mentioned below and get there issue get fixed by themselves.

Option 1 –

If you would like to remove many emails at one time you can try this:

Step 1: Open your AOL email account and go to the main email page.

Step 2: Press and hold the Ctrl key and then select the emails that you want to delete.

Step 3: Click on “Delete” and your emails will be deleted.

Option 2 –

If you would like to remove numerous successive emails you can try this:

Step 1: Go to your AOL email account and open the main mail page in your AOL account.

Step 2: Press and hold the “Shift” key and then go all the way through and click the first email to remove.

Step 3: then hold the “Shift” key downward and click the very last email in the email list

Step 4: Click on “Delete” and your emails will be deleted from your AOL account.

The above steps can be employed to get your problem solved however if you still want AOL support for AOL email assist you can contact the customer care team of AOL or our third party technical support team to get your resolve fixed. Our AOL email support team can fix the above as well as all the other problems that you might face in your AOL mail account like AOL desktop help, Support for AOL desktop, unable to open AOL account, and many other problems which might be troubling you.

So don’t wait, contact our third party AOL technical support number 1-844-502-0074 to get best help for your AOL problems.


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